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Unit 2 Assignment 2
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CIS 223 Unit 2 Assignment 2

2. What is a strong (or identifying) relationship, and how is it depicted in a Crow’s Foot ERD?

4. What is a composite entity, and when is it used?

5. Suppose you are working within the framework of the conceptual model in Figure Q4.5. (Please Follow The attached question 5 Reference Model)

 Given the conceptual model in Figure Q4.5:

    a. Write the business rules that are reflected in it.

    b. Identify all of the cardinalities.

6. What is a recursive relationship? Give an example.

14. What three (often conflicting) database requirements must be addressed in database design?


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CIS223: DATABASE I Instructor: Unit 2 Assignment 2 “I pledge to support the Honor System of ECPI. I will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism. I am aware that as a member of the academic community, it is my responsibility to turn in all suspected violators of the honor code. I understand that any failure on my part to support the Honor System will be turned over to a Judicial Review Board for determination. I will report to the Judicial Review Board hearing if summoned.” Signature: PART 1 Chapter 4: Page 141, Review Questio...
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