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Liberty university Discussion Board Forum 1 Thread

Topic: In addition to the readings for this module/week, visit the website for Liberty University’s Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement (ACE) at www.liberty.edu/ace. Watch the following 2 videos on the website to prepare for this Discussion Board Forum:

  • ACE Interview Mark Strauss “General Reliability of the Gospels”
  • ACE Interview Mark Strauss “Reliability of the NT Manuscripts”

After completing the readings for the module/week and watching the videos, please respond to the following Discussion Board Forum prompt:

“What are some of the most convincing arguments for the reliability of Scripture (pick two arguments and explain)?”


Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday. Do not begin posting replies until Module/Week 3.

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RELIABILITY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT MANUSCRIPT. There has been a lot of skepticism today with regard to the original words of the New Testament. The fact that the bible has been translated and recopied many times has resulted in heated debates as to the reliability of the New Testament manuscript. The question that most people pose today is, what the general reliability of the gospels is. The fact that there are no original manuscript makes people doubt the confidentiality of what was ...
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