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Unit 3 Assignment 1: Aggregate/Group Functions

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  1. Using Unit 1 Bowling League database
  2. Create a New MS Word document and Save it as: U3_Assignment1_Lastname
  3. For all of the scenarios below, write the question numbered followed by the SQL SELECT syntax (copy & paste) and a screen shot of the SQL Select with results from SQL Server
  4.  Use the syntax:


FROM ...



Aggregate Functions – all of the following Select statements must use a function   

  1. Show the total number of bowlers that live in Bothell, WA (hint: How many?)
  2. Show the number of games that the bowler with bowlerID 8 has won thus far.
  3. What is the total raw scores of all bowlers who played in match 13, game 3? (hint: add the scores)
  4. Display the total handicap scores of the bowler that has a BowlerID of 18. Rename the result column Total Handicap.
  5. Show the most recent tournament date in the bowling league schedule. Rename the resulting column Last Tournament Date.
  6. Display how many tournaments have been played at Sports World Lanes. Rename the result column Number of Tournaments.


Aggregate Functions, Grouping Data (GROUP BY & HAVING)

  1. Display the bowler's ID and the average raw score for each bowler. Sort the results by the average raw score in descending order.
  2. Calculate the total raw score (add the scores) for each bowler. Display the bowler’s ID and total raw score. Rename the total raw score as Total Pins.
  3. Display match ID and the highest raw score for each match. Only display the results for bowlers who have a high raw score more than 193.
  4. Display the match id, game number and the average handicap score per match and  game.  Only show results for average  handicap scores less than 185. Rename the average score result set Average Under 185. In the results, concatenate the match id and game numbers into one column, include the      literal comma, and literal text “Match ID” and “Game Number” as shown in the sample results below:

(No Column Name)                                                 Average Under 185

Match ID 12, Game Number  1                               183

Match ID 39, Game Number  2                               184

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[Solved] Unit 3 Assignment 1: Aggregate/Group Functions use as a guide only A+++

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Display all bowlers first and last names in one column result set, renaming the column Bowler's Name SELECT BOWLERFIRSTNAME || ',' || BOWLERLASTNAME BOWLER_NAME FROM BOWLERS; Display a list of all bowlers and addresses formatted suitability for a mailing list, sorted by zipcode. SELECT BOWLERFIRSTNAME || ',' || BOWLERLASTNAME "BOWLER NAME", BOWLERADDRESS || ',' || BOWLERCITY || ',' || BOWLERSTATE || ',' || BOWLERZIP ADDRESS FROM BOWLERS ORDER BY BOWLERZIP; What was the point spread between a bowler's handicap and raw score for each game played in match 10? Rename the point spread field in the data result set as Point Difference and sort on the match field. SELECT GAMENUMBER, RAWSCORE - HANDICAPSCORE "Point Difference" FROM BOWLER_SCORES WHERE MATCHID = 13 ORDER BY GAMENUMBER Display the 3rd, 4th, and 5th letters of each tournament location displaying the resulting data set as Location Letters. SELECT SUBSTR(TOURNEYLOCATION , 3 , 3) "Location Letters" FROM TOURNAMENTS; Using a string function, display the tournament location of the tournament that occurred on 12/04/2012 in uppercase letters. SELECT UPPER(TOURNEYLOCATION) LOCATION FROM TOURNAMENTS WHERE TOURNEYDATE = TO_DATE('12/04/2012', 'DD/MM/YYYY'); Show the last name of each bowler that lives in Seattle, WA in lowercase letters. Rename the column in the dataset bowler. SELECT LOWER(BOWLERLASTNAME) Bowler FROM BOWLERS WHERE BOWLERCITY = 'Seattle'; Display each bowler's last name, first, name and middle initial all in lowercase in one result column. Be sure that you include spaces between each piece of data. Also, rename the field as Full Name. SELECT LOWER(BOWLERLASTNAME) || ' ' || LOWER(BOWLERFIRSTNAME) || ' ' || LOWER(BOWLERMIDDLEINIT) "Full Name" FROM BOWLERS; For the bowler named David Cunningham, display only the world Old that is located in his address. Rename the field in your result Partial Address. SELECT SUBSTR(BOWLERADDRESS, 6,3) "Partial Address" FROM BOWLERS WHERE ...
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