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My first and foremost passion is helping people to find solutions to health related
issues. I come from African continent, and my dream and the plan are to go back to Africa
and help those in need as a highly skilled professional, equipped with skills and knowledge in
pharmacy. In May 2014, I will graduate from the university with a Bachelor of Science
degree in chemistry. For the next step, I have decided to continue studying pharmacy since I
am convinced it will help me to achieve my short-term goal of gaining a solid academic
background and long-term goal of dedicating my life and abilities to helping others.
I like pharmacy because it makes me optimistic. When I look at how many health
problems around the world are solved because of the development of the pharmaceutical
industry, I feel motivated to use my knowledge and expertise for the benefit of my fellow
countrymen and humanity and employ pharmacy to provide higher standards of living and
healthcare. I believe that my degree in chemistry will enhance my study of pharmacy. Thus, I
intend to study pharmacy not solely for the sake of a future job and career opportunities but
for pursuing an avenue whereby I can put my love for people into caring action, as well.
During my studies of chemistry in university, I have taken upper-level selective
courses related to pharmacy. I found especially interesting classes about dangerous drugs,
mechanisms of how drugs work, and drugs’ absorption, exclusion as well as their side effects.
Additionally, I worked as a technician in pharmacy retail on a volunteering basis as I wanted
to get more on-hand experience in the pharmaceutical field. I enjoy combining theoretical
knowledge with its practical application and see how science comes alive to benefit real life
people and situations. I can say with confidence that my educational background and BSc
degree in chemistry as well as practical experience will serve well in helping with my future
pharmacy studies. I find chemistry and pharmacy to be very much interconnected and believe
that academic knowledge of one field directly benefits and enhances one’s command of the
other. Once I get the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I plan to work in the US as a pharmacist in
order to gain valuable practical experience. Once I feel confident about my professional
qualifications and become experienced and more knowledgeable, I intend to return to Africa
that experiences a great lack of skilled professionals in the pharmaceutical field. I enjoy
communicating with people and have a great respect for human rights. I would like to
enhance people’s access to high-quality pharmaceutical products as a way of assuring proper
healthcare standards. I like to think long term and see the development of pharmacy as a
sustainable way of solving many issues that the public health in Africa faces.
Perspectives of pharmacy development fascinate me. I know there will be obstacles to
overcome. However, I believe that scientific progress and practical application of science are
instrumental in providing new opportunities and ensuring the wellbeing of the global
community since the standard of healthcare is an important measure of a mature and future-oriented
society. I believe that communication and contact with other students who study
pharmacy and share a similar to mine vision will equip me with additional experience and
knowledge. I believe my future study of pharmacy will open new horizons in my professional
growth and development. I am accomplishment-oriented, and my passion is finding solutions
to make people’s lives better and happier.
In the competitive market of the pharmaceutical industry, I would like to stand out as
a highly-skilled professional in order to be able to build my future career as a pharmacist.
That is why I am applying to this college to study pharmacy, and I am committed to
approaching my studies with determination and enthusiasm in order to make me qualified and
well-equipped to take on future challenges. My passion is to contribute to helping people
through the development of the pharmaceutical industry. I am convinced that Doctor’s degree
in pharmacy will be instrumental in helping to make my dream come true and contribute to
the development of new technologies and improvement of health care in my home country in 

Africa. Studying pharmacy is the way to fulfilling the calling of my life, and I am looking
forward to my future studies with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

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