The topic is The Correlation Between Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness. by Edwincalvin




Senior Thesis (Psychology program). First and foremost, I attached the syllabus and it’s important that the specifications are precisely followed. The topic is: The Correlation Between Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness. I want to propose that there is a connection amongst childhood trauma and mental illness. Various types of trauma can include: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence, witnessing drug and/or alcohol abuse, being involved in a life-threatening car accident, etc. 
I must first submit a list of research questions to my instructor during Week 1. These are questions that need to be addressed throughout the paper. Feel free to add more that you think will be relevant to this topic.
Research questions to consider addressing throughout the paper. 
1.    What is the extent of mental illness per type of trauma?
2.    What types of childhood trauma produce the worst or more frequent cases of mental illness?
3.    Is the age at which trauma occurred important?
4.    Does the rate of more trauma/abuse worsen an underlying or preexistent condition?
5.    Does the level of education that parent’s obtain play a role in whether they’re abusive or neglectful? 
6.    Do parents inflict the same type of abuse that they’ve personally experienced in the past?
7.    How would it be possible to incorporate the knowledge of various factors into the treatment of mental illnesses? 
8.    How often does this matter go unnoticed and what can be done to raise awareness?

I must submit a list of references (scholarly articles, journals, books, and other sources) that will be used throughout the paper. The list of references are due during Week 2. Some of the references might change or you may add more as you write the paper. My instructor provided a link to a Database that she wants us to use to search articles and journals. The link is Please use this database to search for credible sources. Total of 30-35 sources all together.
I must have the detailed outline submitted by Week 3. A detailed outline of all the sections of your paper which should begin with the introduction and proceed to the conclusion. An outline does not have to be lists of words; it can contain paragraphs describing what you want to talk about in each section. 
I will also need a First and Second Draft before I submit the Final Draft. The First Draft needs to be at least 20 pages in length. The Second Draft needs to address all of the major problems with the first draft of the paper and should pass through a close reading for grammatical and stylistic problems.  
The Final Draft should include the following sections: title page, abstract, introduction, body or discussion, methodology-(discuss the research process), conclusion, recommendations for further research and lastly a reference page.

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